Frustrated with Health Care

Health Care Has a Person/Problem Conundrum. So, What’s The Fix?

If we take away the sophisticated technology, the convoluted coverage schemes, all of the latin vocab words, the policy-making and policy-repealing, the diagnosis codes, and strange-sounding drug names, we’re left with two basic things: a person, and a problem.

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If an appendix explodes in the woods and nobody hears it…

Deep in the Sierra Nevada’s while installing a metal roof onto a tiny house, a thirty-something man starts to feel a pain in his stomach.  This thirty-something man is me. Hi – I’m Professor Hoiland, and my appendix exploded while I was off the grid…

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What’s Your Health Care Superhero Name?

We’re all about #WhatTheHealthCare, and now we’re focusing on #WTFix because we’re passionate about helping make the health care industry better. We also want to highlight the people who are doing what they can to improve the system. For all of those in the trenches of health care — from…

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Phone calls

Just when I thought….

Everything went smoothly, with my recent vasectomy procedure. I paid before my consult visit with no issue, and then paid before the procedure again with no issue (and at a good price). Two weeks after the procedure I get a bill for another $180 from OHSU. Now I have to deal with calling and trying to get an explanation. Just when I thought I’d escaped it…#WHATTHEHEALTHCARE!

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patient voice

3 tips to better understand your patient

The day I decided to take an active role in my care, was the day my doctors and I built the best plan for me. Patients who take the initiative to learn more about their health can ultimately be the change we need in healthcare. It first takes the willingness of the providers to engage and embrace this change.

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