What to Expect at What’s the Fix? Part II: Afternoon Agenda

What’s the Fix? is a conference specifically created to bring stories to light and to use those stories to help change the mess that is health care. We aren’t trying to fix health care at the macro level (an extremely difficult task, and, as someone…

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#WhatTheHealthCare Patient

Personalized care in a specialized world

When something like a small skin irritation comes up in my life, there are well-worn neuron pathways that are retraced. The worry, uncertainty, fear, dread—even anger—are all right there. I begin to think that the worst diagnosis is the most likely one for me. I wonder if my life will repeatedly be interrupted by the bad news that my body has once again betrayed me.

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WTFix Morning Agenda

What to Expect at What’s the Fix? Part I: Morning Sessions

During the morning sessions at What’s the Fix? our speakers have each overcome major health care hurdles on their own, and have dedicated themselves to driving change as a result of what they have learned. They’ll share their experience and set us up for an amazing day.

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Not taking “I don’t know” as an answer

We’ve all had our own “what the health care” moments. I’m pretty sure there’s no one in the world who hasn’t had at least one. Let me tell you about one of mine, which happens to be the story that inspired me to launch #whatthehealthcare and now our What’s the Fix? conference in June.

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Frustrated with Health Care

Health Care Has a Person/Problem Conundrum. So, What’s The Fix?

If we take away the sophisticated technology, the convoluted coverage schemes, all of the latin vocab words, the policy-making and policy-repealing, the diagnosis codes, and strange-sounding drug names, we’re left with two basic things: a person, and a problem.

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