Is this healthcare’s “White Rabbit” moment? #WTFix?

A half century ago I was 17 and the world was about to turn inside out – perhaps the biggest cultural upheaval in America’s history. The Summer of Love was just starting in the Haight-Ashbury district of San Francisco, and MY world was just starting…

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Finally, people recognizing people

There are a lot of awards in health care. Awards for best web sites, best customer service, best health care execs…the list goes on.  You know what there aren’t a lot of awards for in health care? PEOPLE!!!!  There aren’t many awards for the people…

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e-Patient Dave #WTFix

#WTFix Wednesday Tweet Chat with e-Patient Dave deBronkart

We’re thrilled to not only announce our first-ever #WTFix Wednesday tweet chat will take place on June 26th, but that we have e-Patient Dave deBronkart as our first host!

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#WTFix Wednesdays

What’s Next for What’s the Fix? #WTFix Wednesdays!

By continuing to highlight people’s stories of struggle and success through conversations like those we’ll have on #WTFix Wednesdays, we’ve made it our mission to encourage people to change the industry in whatever ways they can – both big and small.

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What’s the Fix?: A Recap

On June 14, we asked the health care industry to stop talking to itself about what patients need and want. We asked that the people who have the power to change things to instead listen to the stories of 13 incredible people. We called it What’s the Fix? because we don’t presume to know the answer to the question, but we’re seeking it! We asked, and then demanded, that the industry stop talking about “consumers”, and instead, spend just one day listening to them, the real people who faced wall after wall after wall in their own or their loved ones’ care, and pushed through with all their might.

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