#WTFix Tweet Chat Nick Adkins

#WTFix Wednesday Featuring @nickisnpdx

With the end of the year rapidly heading our way and the holiday season upon us, we could think of no one better to host this month’s #WTFIx Wednesday tweet chat than Nick Adkins (aka @nickisnpdx). A local of our HQ hometown and a man that…

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Celebrating the gifts of chronic illness: #WTFix Tweet chat with @LAlupusLady

We are thrilled to have Amanda Greene (aka @LAlupusLady) host tomorrow’s #WTFix tweet chat! She is a powerhouse in patient advocacy and is a passionate lupus warrior & storyteller. We’ll be discussing her story of positive outlook and shifting her attitude to look at her chronic illness…

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#WTFix Wednesday with Naveen Rao: Recap

With a huge thank you to Naveen Rao for hosting last month’s tweet chat, focused on “The Power of Commitment Meets the Power of Story“. The take-away action items from the chat that Naveen would like to encourage everyone to do the following: 1. Revisit…

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Naveen #WTFix Conference

The Power of Commitment Meets the Power of Story

At the inaugural “What’s the Fix” conference this summer, I asked attendees to take one simple action: Write down one thing that you can do to make healthcare better for patients. It was simplistic by design: We wanted to force people to think about their…

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WTFix Tweet Chat

#WTFix Wednesday Featuring @Naveen101

We’re really happy announce that for next week’s #WTFix Wednesday tweet chat will be all about the commitments we all made at #WTFix and will be hosted by Naveen Rao (@Naveen101). Naveen helped plan the inaugural #WTFix event and produce the #WhatTheHealthCare campaign – the precursor…

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