About Us

#WhatTheHealthCare is a hashtag we at HealthSparq created for people from all walks of life to talk about the broken health care system. We’ve just introduced “What’s the Fix” (#WTFix), a conference and a discussion, to showcase real people who are driving change.

Why #WhatTheHealthCare and #WTFix?

We are passionate about people and we want to help fix health care. We’ve created whatthehealthcare.info to aggregate #WhatTheHealthCare social media posts in once place, where we can point our clients, our partners, and industry stakeholders to these real and personal stories. By offering one easy place to go to see all of these stories, the industry can see what’s wrong, what needs fixing, and can start to make change.

We don’t want #WhatTheHealthCare to be a movement of complaints, we want it to be a movement for action. So to answer #WhatTheHealthCare, we’ve created “What’s the Fix?” a virtual and in-person event on June 14, 2017 that will bring together a bunch of real people, not just health industry types. We’re not aiming to fix health care at the macro-level with this event, we’re looking to inspire people to commit to making the changes and to fix the areas they can. We believe that if people take health care into their own hands, and commit to fixing what they can control, the overall experience for all starts to improve.

The What’s the Fix? conference will focus on individuals who are driving change through sheer determination; institutions that are reacting to that change; and people who are taking it upon themselves to learn all they can and generate healing in ways “the system” can’t.

Why HealthSparq?

HealthSparq is a private company fully owned by Cambia Health Solutions. We’re focused on this project because we believe in the power of stories, we want to humanize health care, and we want the industry to operate in a way that is people-first. We are lucky enough to work for a company that puts people at the core of our mission, so we have flexibility to follow our passion and pursue our dream of fixing health care. We are not in this to make money, we’re in this to make change!

What About My Story?

We will never sell or use the stories posted to our blog in any HealthSparq branded marketing materials without permission. We do not pay people to write for our blog and do not editorialize content. We are committed to being transparent about our involvement with this campaign and want to hear your questions, comments and concerns along the way. Please get in touch with us with anything you’d like to say!

Who’s Behind It?

Anna Greene
It took me a long time to find a voice in my health care experience. I believe we should all feel empowered to demand the best care possible and all feel confident asking questions and getting the answers we deserve. We all should know what is going on  not only with our own health, but what is happening behind the scenes with the insurance companies, physicians, hospitals, and others who play a part in our experience.

While I’m fairly new to the health care world professionally, I have always been passionate about bringing people together. I have spent the last several years as a community and social media manager, connecting with people all over the country with so many incredible stories to tell. I am thrilled to do the same with the #WhatTheHealthCare campaign, as we work to involve as many people as possible in our push to change health care for the better. 

Burt Rosen
Unfortunately, health care is not an industry I can avoid as a patient.  I’ve had multiple orthopedic surgeries, and I have chronic Lyme disease, as does my whole family. Outside of work, I certainly don’t enjoy having to engage with the health care industry. It’s confusing, cumbersome, and not focused on people. Health care has never made me feel like a person or like a partner in my own care. 

Interestingly, my work experience covers hospitality, education and other people-focused industries. Health carearguably the one industry that should be most people focusedis not that way at all.  That’s why we started and why I love our #WhatTheHealthCare program. It’s about real people raising real issues. It’s about having a sense of humor (when appropriate). It’s about humanizing health care.